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Big winner! Chinese iPhone users win 23 prizes at 2016 IPPAWARDS

Think that you need a fancy camera to take a good picture? WRONG! An iPhone is simply enough to shock people with your photography skills, and the winners of the 2016 iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) can prove so, reminding us that the person behind the lens plays a significant part in the making of a picture. 

Man and the Eagle by Siyuan Niu from Xinjiang, China

At the 9th the annual iPhone Photography Awards this year, the Grand Prize Winner Photographer of the Year Award goes to Siyuan Niu of China for his entry Man and the Eagle. First, Second and Third Place Photographers of the Year Awards go to Patryk Kuleta of Poland for his image from his series the Modern Cathedrals, Robin Robertis of the United States for her entry titled She Bends with the Wind and Carolyn Mara Borlenghi of the United States from her series Wonderland

Modern Cathedrals by Patryk Kuleta from Poland

She Bends with the Wind by Robin Robertis from the United States

Wonderland by Carolyn Mara Borlenghi from the United States

Selected from thousands of entries submitted by iPhone photographers from 139 countries around the world, the top four winners are joined by dozens more who received First, Second and Third prizes in 19 different categories — from travel to animals to portraits. "It's amazing to see what people capture and how connected they are to those moments, no matter what country in the world they are in," says the awards' founder Kenan Aktulun. "It feels like a warm invitation from someone sharing a slice of their life experience."

This year, the Chinese iPhone users become the big winners, winning 22 prizes and 1 Grand Prize. All of these photos are absolutely amazing. Take a look below.

Junfeng Wang from Shanghai, China; 2nd Place – Abstract 

Jinsong Hu from Kunming, China; 3rd Place – Abstract 

Junbiao Cai from Guangdong, China; 3rd Place – Animals 

Jian Wang from Beijing, China; 1st Place – Architecture 

KK from Changsha, China; 1st Place – Children 

Siyuan Niu from Xinjiang, China; 2nd Place – Children 

He Kuankuan from Shanghai, China; 2nd Place – Food 

Jian Wang from Beijing, China; 3rd Place – Landscape 

Yuki Cheung from Hong Kong, China; 1st Place – Lifestyle 

Junfeng Wang from Shanghai, China; 1st Place – Nature 

Yang Zhang from Shanghai, China; 2nd Place – Nature 

Lei Yuting from Fujian, China; 3rd Place – Nature 

Liang Huang from Shanxi, China; 3rd Place – News/Events 

Zero Lai from Hong Kong, China; 3rd Place – Other 

Xia Zhenkai from Guangdong, China; 1st Place – People 

Paddy Chao from Taiwan, China; 3rd Place – Portrait 

Wen Qi from Guangdong, China; 1st Place – Still Life 

Fan Long from Shanghai, China; 2nd Place – Still Life

Yongmei Wang from Chongqing, China; 2nd Place – Sunset 

Fugen Xiao from Guangdong, China; 1st Place – Travel 

Donghai Xia from Fujian, China; 2nd Place – Travel 

Shiyang Han from Beijing China; 3rd Place – Travel 

Some selected award-winning photos from other countries:  

Erica Wu from San Francisco CA, United States; 1st Place – Animals

Qinglan Qu from Newark DE, United States; 3rd Place – Flowers 

Lone Bjørn from Zurich, Switzerland; 1st Place – Flowers

Diana Mota from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; 2nd Place – Panorama

Victor Kintanar from Cebu City, the Philippines; 1st Place – Trees

Valencia Tom from New York NY, United States; 1st Place – Seasons

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