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Weirdest jobs in the world

From our childhood days, we've been told to study hard, go to a key university and find a decent job. But what exactly is a good job? If it is a weird but well-paid profession, will you do it? Here are some weird or wonderful jobs around the world, from professional snuggler to mistress discourager, you won't believe exist and will want to ask tons of questions! Take a look first. 


1. Professional snuggler 职业拥抱师

A professional snuggler is someone who gets paid by the hour to cuddle. It could also include things such as having a conversation while holding hands or eye gazing. The snuggler charges up to $80 an hour to snuggle with strangers. This work comes with its share of emotional burdens. They usually work in snuggle cafes.

2. Professional line-stander 职业排队人

They do one thing most of us have no patience for: waiting in line. These professionals are especially busy during big sales and product launches (for example, new iPhone releases). Rates vary, but someone could earn up to $1,000 a week!

3. Dog food taster 狗粮品尝师

Dog food companies with to ensure the highest quality products for their canine customers. The taster samples dog food, smells them, and eats them to see if they reach the company's exacting standards. They also evaluate the nutritional value. You might find it a little hard to stomach, but the position can earn a handsome $77,000 per year for the lucky taster.

4. Ash portrait artist 骨灰绘画师

Ash portrait artists get creative with the remains of dead people. It takes 4-8 hours for the artist to finish painting, which will become the portrait of the dead person at the memorial ceremony.  

5. Professional iceberg mover 职业冰山搬运工 

These guys can thank the captain of the Titanic for their jobs. After the Titanic tragedy in 1912, the International Ice Patrol was established to remove rogue icebergs and prevent any further incidents.

Using satellites, radar and airplanes the seas are searched for these icebergs and if any are found they are towed to an area where they do not pose a threat.

6. Professional sleeper 职业试睡师

Do you ever just want to stay in bed instead of going to work? For professional sleepers that is their job! There are several hotels around the world that contract people to sleep in their rooms to test the comfort and experience of the hotel. They are also usually required to blog all about their experience too. What can be better than making money from sleeping in bed? 

7. Armpit sniffer 腋窝闻臭师

The job description is pretty simple. They are paid to ensure the effectiveness of new perfumes. Their job is to find out how long the perfumes stick to a perfume user. They have a good sense of smell, and also have good analysis. 

8. Oshiya ("train pusher") 地铁助推员

These workers are paid to push people onto trains to ensure the carriages are as packed as possible during the rush hours in Japan. 

9. Fart sniffer 闻屁师 

We should thank them when we eat a steak – they spent their time sniffing that cow's ass just so we could dine in tasty splendor. Well, it was for these poor guys, whose job is to follow farm animals around and smell their farts to make sure the animals are getting a proper diet and aren't eating garbage or whatever all day long. 

10. Chick sexer 雏鸡性别鉴定员 

Chick sexers spend their days looking inside the bird's anuses to see whether they are male or female. Sexers delicately squeeze a little poo out of the chick to open the vent then look inside and check for a bump. That means it's male. They are usually paid £3 per 100 chicks examined and examine around one to 1.5 million per year. 

Then, how about the weird jobs in China? 


1. Mistress discourager 小三劝退师 

They are hired by the angry wives to discourage the hateful mistress, by persuading, sowing dissension and economic inducement. 

2. Programming cheerleader 程序员鼓励师 

These girls, must be pretty and talented, are hired to create a fun work environment for the programmers, who are mostly male and terrible at socializing. The tasks of these cheerleaders are buying programmers breakfast, chitchatting and playing ping pong with them. 

3. Professional mourner (funeral crier) 职业哭丧人

They attend funerals and grieve for the deceased, paid for their tears and vocal weeping. Chinese people like to have dramatic funerals, which has sparked wealthy families to hire professional mourners to cry, sing and crawl on the ground to show their grief. 

4. Phantom white employee 有名无实的白人职员  

Just like Americans always need to find a Chinese guy when they need a kung fu sidekick or villain for some hero, Chinese people need to find a white guy when they want to show off how big they are in business. It's something like renting white dudes and toting them around at your conferences, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, press conferences, etc., making the company more like an international joint venture. The white is usually hired to pretend as the CEO or foreign expert of the company. 

5. Feng shui consultant 算命先生 

Feng shui is closely linked to Chinese Taoism. It's a philosophical system of harmonizing everything with surrounding environment. A feng shui consultant is paid to give advice to improve every aspect of the customer's life, from health and wealth to relations and career. 

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