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Crawfish, tasty dish for late-night snack

Xuyi County in Jiangsu Province is called the hometown of crawfish. 


For local people in Wuhan, there's not a problem that cannot be solved by a meal of crawfish. If there is, then have two meals of crawfish.

According to the statistics from Wuhan Crawfish Association, there are over 10 thousand crawfish restaurants in the city, and it's estimated that the city will earn over 10 billion yuan in crawfish catering.


Maxiao, or spicy crawfish, has become the representative of Beijing's most famous gourmet street Guijie and night life.

Why so popular?

–Low cost, good taste

Crawfish has a strong adaptability to the environment. It's easy to breed it, and there's sufficient supply of crawfish. Therefore, compared to other seafood like lobster(龙虾), crawfish(小龙虾)is much cheaper. Although the price increased after it became popular, it's still affordable for most people who love it.

–Way to relieve pressure

The popular night market culture also promotes crawfish. After a day of hard work in the big city, eating spicy crawfish with ice beer seems to be a good way to relieve the pressure. In addition, it's a good way to eat crawfish with friends since you cannot play mobile phone with oil fingers.


High profit also attracts restaurant owners, and they try every means to promote their crawfish, like crawfish festivals, or hiring beautiful girls help you get rid of hard shell of crawfish. These means increase the publicity of crawfish.

Crawfish does not taste so good when you cannot lick your fingers after eating it.


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