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English brochure for Hangzhou G20 Summit ridiculed for broken Chinese

The 2016 G20 Summit will be held in Hangzhou this September. To impress the guests with hospitality, Hangzhou has published a brochure called Fast Learning: 100 English Sentences for the locals to receive foreign guests and introduce this picturesque city to them.

Supposed to be a useful language learning brochure, it has gone viral and become a laughingstock for the broken Chinese annotations. Let's take a look: 

Welcome to Hangzhou.


Hangzhou, the most beautiful city in China.

杭州,某斯特,不优特服四体 因掐那

Hangzhou, a paradise on earth.

杭州,啊 派爱那达斯 俺 俄思

Dawn on the Su Causeway in Spring

道恩 昂恩 苏考斯喂 因 思不瑞英

Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon 

是瑞 旁次 米瑞额润英 母恩

Puzzled? Funny? Ridiculous? What on earth is that?!

However, Zhang Feng, a local government official, recently claimed that the brochure was not the real official version. But the Chinese netizens won't let go of any chance to ridicule funny things. 

Let's see how the brilliant Chinese netizens respond.

Shi Yue Jiang Nan posted on Weibo: "To be honest, as a Hangzhou native, I find the pronunciation is absolutely correct if I read it in Hangzhou dialect."


Xiao Yaonv: "My mom won't be worried about my English any longer. Hah hah, I want to be a qualified Hangzhou resident to receive foreign visitors during the 2016 G20 Summit. "


Bei Zi: "Hangzhou residents are so cute!"


Xue Wu: "It's not a good idea. Chinese is such an extensive and profound language that we should vigorously promote Chinese learning among foreigners. So, they can speak Chinese next time. Sounds great, right?"


Da Lou Lou: "Many elderly people haven't learnt English. With this English handbook annotated in Chinese characters, they might have the opportunity to talk with foreigners as well."


Sui Feng Piao: "I don't think the foreigners can understand what these residents said, if they speak English based on the similar pronunciations of Chinese characters. It's nonsense. "


Kong Bai: "Be careful! Foreigners might be 'scared away' by this horrible handbook."


Though the online opinions vary, Xu Dongxu, the Secretary of Youth League Committee of Shuangpu Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou, seemed to support it, "In my opinion, it's the most effective way to help residents to master some basic spoken English." He tried to popularize simple spoken English in similar way in Hangzhou. "It seems a little ridiculous for those proficient in English, but for our villagers, who know nothing about English, it really helps develop their language sense in a short time. Just like that we can roughly understand what a foreigner said in Chinese, even though he didn't pronounce correctly." He added. 


Actually, some foreigners also adopt this method in Chinese learning. Look, how well they did it!


It seems that the same difficulty in learning a foreign language has brought all these learners together to some degree. It should be so-called "a bosom friend afar brings distant land near".


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