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How do students around the world spend their summer vacations?

Summer vacation is the happy days for kids when they can get away from the pressure in study and enjoy their lives.



Everyone spends the holiday differently, and that's even more so in different countries. Today let's have a look on what the summer vacations are like across the world.



Summer vacation in America

The vacation in America is not usually just for resting and fun. Many students will spare much more time to study, and they are even busier than usual. Except doing part-time jobs for making money and enjoying adventure travel, being a volunteer is quite a traditional activity during the summer vacation in America.



Summer vacation in France

Some schools in France will turn into kids' recreational centre which opens to the public every day in summer vacation. The activities in the centre are all just for fun, and kids may visit the farm in suburb or museum of natural history, watch movies or learn to cook Chinese cuisine.



Summer vacation in Australia

The most relaxing vacation around the world ever! Students do not have homework, instead, they can do whatever they love to do. They will spend most of the time with siblings or classmates, or taking part in their favorite sports activities, and some will go on a tour with their parents. Surfing, swimming and camping are all the things Australian kids love to do in the summer vacation.



Summer vacation in Germany

In Germany, almost every jugendamt in every city will sell the "vacation certification" before summer holiday to students who can use it to join all kinds of activities, including visiting zoo, museum, science museum and various scenic spots free. Moreover, they only need to pay a little money for the tickets for cinemas, music halls and gymnasiums with the certification.



Summer vacation in Sweden

The summer vacation begins in mid-June in Swedish schools, and parents usually take their kids with them to go on a vacation. It happens to be the harvest time for potatoes in summer vacation, and lots of Swedish kids love to work as the volunteers to harvest potatoes in farms.



Summer vacation in Japan

The activities during summer vacation in Japan are very educational for students' temperament and willpower. Educational authorities often organize tours to visit expos or hold competitions on invention and creation, or let kids know more about nature by going to the zoo where they can observe birds with telescopes. Some kids will spontaneously organize clubs and live together in seashore or mountains, cultivating their group consciousness and enjoying the fun of vacation.



Summer vacation in Korea

In Korea, almost every student will take part in various study tours during summer vacation. Students from colleges, high schools and primary schools will sign up together for all kinds of overseas duty visit and activities for further education to broaden their horizon and experience.



Summer vacation in Russia

Every summer, many beautiful holiday villages in Russia will organize various summer camps. Some parents will visit historical sites with their children, while some families will spend the holiday in their country cottages where the kids can do some manual labor within reach, such as growing vegetables, taking care of animals or fixing the fence.



What about the summer vacation in China?



Homework! It's all about homework!


Well, you can still see many kids enjoying their holidays all the time, but I bet you never know what they have to do during the last few days of the summer vacation – to finish the homework!



What about your summer vacation? Anything interesting?



[Key Words]

暑假 (shǔ jià): summer vacation

假期 (jià qī): holiday

旅行 (lǚ xíng): travel

夏令营 (xià lìng yíng): summer camp

作业 (zuò yè): homework

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