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Chinlingo Cup” Teaching Skills Contest successfully concludes

June 22 marked the end of the Teaching Skills Contest, which was held for the TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) students from the School of Chinese Language and Literature, Jimei University. The competitions in Xiamen University of Technology and Gannan Normal University firstly finished on June 7, followed by Minnan Normal University on June 15.

The contest was jointly sponsored by Xiamen Chinlingo Information Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen University of Technology, Gannan Normal University, Minnan Normal University and Jimei University. It consists of competitions individually held by each university, with the aim to tap into the teaching potential of TCFL students and research the efficiency of applying Internet technologies to practical teaching.

Lasting nearly two months, the contest brought the audience one after another splendid teaching feasts, where the students utilize their expertise and creativity in curriculum design and Chinese-teaching for foreigners. The final in particular left a deep impression on the audience. 

Indeed, this was a good opportunity for the students to fully present their own styles and teaching techniques, along with professional accomplishments teaching Chinese to foreigners. As for the judges, the leaders and teachers of the colleges had an active involvement in the earlier preparations with their helpful guidance, expecting to explore a new trend of Internet education through the contests. Foreign students – the targeted objects — also placed high hopes on various handy learning modes.

As one of the judges in the contest at Xiamen University of Technology, Jiang Meixi, the professor of Taiwan's Ming Chuan University, said that the contest was a new trial of developing the students' ability of Chinese teaching for foreigners. "We should enhance academic exchanges between the colleges across the straits and strengthen the interactions with each other to promote the international education of Chinese language and cultural communication." she said.

Li Shixue, the dean of the School of Chinese Language and Literature, Jimei University, spoke highly of the students' passion for the contest, "I'm very delightful to see our students actively participating in the contest. A great many people have worked so hard to make it carry through, especially the professional teachers and the staff from Xiamen Chinlingo Information Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Thanks a lot for their effort."

As the sponsor, Xiamen Chinlingo Information Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to introducing the real China to the world, providing a platform for the world to know China objectively. Remarkably, it's a primary investigation on the integration of multinational education on the Internet and practical training of Chinese students' teaching skills, by combining university contests with cross-border one-on-one video tutorials. With the vision of upgrading the construction of TCFL major, Chinlingo anticipates to join hands with domestic colleges and strengthen the students' capacity of Chinese teaching for foreigners in diverse contests.

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