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Do you dare to walk on the world’s highest glass bridge?

Acrophobia sufferers beware… China's newest bridge isn't for the faint-hearted.



Stretching 380m across a section of Zhangjiajie's Grand Canyon, the new pedestrian bridge will completely have a glass floor. This isn't the region's first towering glass floor – a glass skywalk hugs the cliff of Tianmen Mountain – but the Grand Canyon installment is expected to be the longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge in the world.

该桥横跨张家界大峡谷的一部分,长达380米,新的人行天桥桥面的完全是玻璃制造。和该地区建立的第一座玻璃底桥 —— 紧附天门山悬崖的人行天桥相比,它可能不是第一座玻璃桥,但有望成为世界上最长最高的玻璃底桥。


The bridge has undergone nearly 100 safety tests to ensure it can withstand the high winds, earthquakes, frost and weight of 800 people at a time. The glass had also passed the tests on slip resistance and temperature resistance.



But is it really safe enough? Take a look at the recent safety tests:



A 2-ton car moves on the bridge back and forth.



Over 10 young men, weighed 75kg each, jump on the bridge together.



Over 30 people take turns to pound on the bridge with a big hammer.



Even the BBC reporter is invited to smash the bridge:



Although there are many who enjoy the thrill walking on the glass bridge, there are also those who are overwhelmed by fear to set foot on the glass and see the depths beneath their feet. Here is a popular video on social website showing petrified visitors on the glass bridges.


Are you a person who loves adventure and challenge? Do you dare to walk on this glass bridge?



[Key Words]

玻璃 (bō lí): glass

(qiáo): bridge

恐惧 (kǒng jù): fear

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