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Top 10 most attractive Chinese cities for expats

Shanghai has for the fourth time topped the list of the 10 most attractive Chinese cities for expats, according to a survey of foreigners in China.

The financial hub scored highest in the ranking's four important indexes: Policies for foreign professionals, governmental affairs, the working environment and the living environment.

This is the sixth time that the study, conducted by the International Talent magazine and China Society for Research on International Professional Personnel Exchange and Development, has been released. Between July and December of 2015, nearly 20,000 foreign professionals throughout China took part in the survey.

No. 10  Jinan

No. 9  Xiamen

No. 8  Guangzhou

No. 7  Suzhou

No. 6  Qingdao

No. 5  Tianjin

No. 4  Shenzhen

No. 3  Hangzhou

No. 2  Beijing

No. 1  Shanghai


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