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The most popular and most unwelcome jobs in China

June is a job hunting season for numerous graduates. Which professions are the most popular or most unwelcome? Recently, a report on employment of Chinese college graduates in 2016 was released by the education consulting company MyCOS, announcing five most popular sectors and another five least popular sectors.


According to the report, the top five sectors with the biggest job opportunities were: primary and secondary education, internet development and application, finance, medical care or first aid service, and media and publishing.


Thereinto, primary and secondary education sectors saw the biggest rise in job opportunities as they provided 8.7% of total job opportunities for those employed graduates in 2015, an increase of 2.2% over 2014. 


However, in terms of the average salary six months after graduation, those joining primary or secondary education sectors were the lowest, about 3,500 yuan ($533).


In comparison, college graduates who joined internet development and application industries were best paid, with an average monthly salary of 5,017 yuan, six months after graduation. Besides, the employment data of graduates from 2010 to 2015 showed a yearly increase in the proportion of graduates engaged in internet development and application industries, with a total increase of 3.4%.


The report also listed five sectors that saw the sharpest fall in job opportunities in 2015: architectural engineering, machinery or instrument, marketing, electrical or electronics (excluding computer science), and automobile engineering.


Architectural engineering saw the biggest dive, dropping 1.6 percent from the previous year, though it still provided 6 percent of total job opportunities. And the graduates joining in this industry can get an average salary of 4,025 yuan, six months after graduation.

尽管仍提供了6% 的就业机会,但是建筑工程还是遭遇了需求量最大幅度的下跌,相比前一年下降了1.6%. 毕业生毕业半年后的平均月收入为4025元。

Significantly, architectural engineering was among the cluster that witnessed an increase in jobs from 2011 to 2014 but a sharp decline in 2015, which may be a result of the tightened national policy on property. But the job opportunities for the graduates in 2015 were still relatively abundant in this industry. 


The report is based on its tracking assessment on graduates of 2015 for six months since their graduation, covering 123,000 undergraduates and 127,000 higher vocational college graduates.


Concerning the report, however, opinions vary widely on Weibo. 


A Chinese net user on Weibo made a summary: "These professions about eloquence become promising, while skill-based professions go inversely." 


Other netizens added their comments below.


Wanzi: "I would like to tell a joke that the electrical industry is a less popular section this year in China."


Mr Chen: "My major is architecture, but I've decided to change my career planning." 

Mr Chen:"学建筑的我打算转行了。"

Ms Lin: "No one can say the situation won't be reversed after several years. What's promising today might be desolate tomorrow and vice versa."

Ms Lin: "谁能保证几年后,冷门不会变热门,热门不会变冷门呢?"

What do you think of it?


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