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A glimpse of graduation season across the world

Graduation season is in full swing. Amid the laughter and tears, goodbyes and nostalgia, another group of graduates will leave their cozy campuses and start a new chapter of life.


How to celebrate this special moment? First, let's see what the graduation ceremonies are like in Harvard University, University of Cambridge and Tsinghua University.


Harvard University

The Harvard Commencement is scheduled on the last Thursday of every May. Before the commencement, all the parents of the graduates will receive invitation letters from the university. The commencement in Harvard this year gets intense focus from China for a Chinese student named He Jiang delivering a speech.


University of Cambridge

The whole town is immersed in a joyful atmosphere during the graduation ceremony, and all the students' relatives and friends are dressed up visiting and taking photos around the campus.


Tsinghua University

Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, delivered a speech for the commencement of Tsinghua University in 2015.


One of the most important things during the graduation is to take pictures. Nowadays all kinds of graduation pictures in Chinese colleges are emerging in an endless stream, and you may get some ideas from the following photos.


Next you'll see many surprising things happen in graduation season.


Students in Japan dress themselves like this for the graduation ceremony:


Also in Japan, this 96-year-old man who studies pottery courses in college is the world's oldest graduate.


The world's first surviving septuplets have graduated from their high school:


With the prom drawing nearer, an 18-year-old singleton in America hadn't found a girl to take. So he took his cat to the dance:


Finally, several foreigners from different countries talking about the things happen in graduation season:


Are you a would-be graduate? What's the commencement like in your school? Anything interesting happened during your graduation ceremony?


[Key Words]

毕业典礼: bì yè diǎn lǐ, commencement

大学: dà xué, university/college

演讲: yǎn jiǎng, speech

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