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UEFA Euro 2016: are you one of the crazy fans?

The 2016 UEFA European Football Championship takes place in France from June 10 through to July 10, during which time the eyes of the global soccer fans will be fixated on the event. Let's start with the official song 'This One's For You' by French DJ David Guetta ft. Zara Larsson:

2016年欧洲足球锦标赛(2016欧洲杯)于610号至710号在法国开打!这段时间全球的足球迷们将会死盯着电视屏幕!我们先来听听由法国DJ大师David Guetta联手Zara Larsson本届欧洲杯主题曲《This One's For You》:

How about the competition field?


The soccer players are fighting for honor on the field while their fans cheer loudly on the auditorium. It's a passionate and exciting summer for fans all over the world.


Fans from Russia

Sometimes soccer field is like a battlefield, where Russian fans believe they should defend the country's honor as the warriors do.



Fans from Ireland

Fans in Ireland are strong enough, as they'll still sing even when the team is out.



Fans from Croatia

The soccer culture is rather 'violent', and the fans think they should support the team by all means.



Fans from Netherlands

Netherlandish fans never betray, and the UEFA means a happy holiday for the whole family.



Fans from Ukraine

Ukrainian fans tend to be wild but with self-discipline. They love to help other fans and tourists.



Fans from Germany

German fans are crazy about beer. They often grab a big cup of beer and walk around.



Fans from England, France, Spain and Portugal

They are zealous and passionate who love whistling and singing.



Fans from Chech, Greece, Poland and Italy

The female fans from these countries are sexy and passionate, and wildly support their country's soccer team.



What about fans in China? We are restrained in personality, but that doesn't mean we have no passion and ardor. We also enjoy fun in watching UEFA, a game without Chinese team!


Finally, you might want to know how to tell the differences between real fans and fake fans:


Even a male lion from Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa is obsessed with his beloved football:


Here is the UEFA schedule. Enjoy watching the game!


What about you? Are you crazy about UEFA? Which team do you support?


[Key Words]

欧洲杯, ōu zhōu bēi, UEFA

球迷, qiú mí, football fan

球员, qiú yuán, player

足球, zú qiú, football/soccer

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