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The rise of latiao from a humble snack to all the rage

You can hardly believe that North Americans are engaged in importing a snack from China when Chinese people are keen on the imports.


It's latiao, a kind of spicy gluten served as a snack in China. Look! The snack is strongly recommended by numerous foreigners on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and even Instagram, where the rich gather. 

看看,在Facebook, Twitter, Quora 上,老外们都沉迷于推销它!甚至是在土豪云集的Instagram上!

Get closer to their craze for the snack.


"Oh, latiao, I sing the praises of you!" An American client expresses his love on Amazon. Guess what? Latiao has been available on Amazon in America. Latiao, one of the most popular snack in China, has gone beyond Asia, and taken the world by storm!


But I am shocked by the high price when I click the page of North America Amazon where Chinese authentic latiao is available. 150 yuan per package? So expensive!

可是点开供应正宗的中国辣条的北美亚马逊的那一刻,我顿时泪流满面:150 RMB 一包?好贵啊!

chinese snack, chinse latiao

You just pay $4 for a cup of Starbucks coffee and $30 for lunch with your classmate in Canada. Seemingly, only rich people can afford to buy latiao. Knowing that, we Chinese gain a sense of superiority, because we can buy as many as we wish. Latiao only costs 10 yuan per package in China. 


And latiao is even more expensive on Europe Amazon. See it? Latiao has become all the rage overseas, far beyond your imagination. 


chinese snack, chinse latiao

Several months ago, BBC aired a three-episode documentary on Chinese New Year celebrations in which the two presenters were seen roaming a typical Chinese snack street, with latiao in hands. BBC also estimated that the market volume of latiao could reach 50 billion yuan annually in China. From then on, latiao rose to fame.


In addition, Chinese students contribute a lot to the globalization of latiao. They launched a campaign called "Latiao to save the world" for the purpose to make foreigners get addicted to latiao.


chinese snack, chinse latiao

In response to the gracious invitation from netizens, an instant online celebrity, taster "Austin Guidry" decided to try it as a sceptic. Just in half a second, his attitude changed abruptly. Finally, he was completely conquered.



Then, the screen was full of Chinese comments!


chinese snack, chinse latiao

Chinese overseas students soon joined in the fun, developing their "foodie spirits" all around the social media. As die-hard fans of latiao, their answers about latiao hit the headlines on Quora. 


chinese snack, chinse latiao

Many people even sell latiao on Twitter.


chinese snack, chinse latiao


All foreigners love latiao? Let's take a look at some comments from the buyers.


All foreigners love latiao? Let's take a look at some comments from the buyers.


chinese snack, chinse latiao


chinese snack, chinse latiao


Here is the latest package of Weilong Latiao:


chinese snack, chinse latiao 

What belongs to the nation belongs to the world. It can't be duplicated.



Laoganma, latiao, Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment, they are capturing the hearts of foreigners. 

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