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‘Letter From A Stranger’ performed by Dancing Strawhats


Amazing! The classic music "Letter from A Stranger" (琵琶语, pí pá yǔ) is performed with a blend of modernity and tradition. 


Introduction to Quick Crew

The crew from Norway includes the brothers Bilal and Suleman as well as their childhood friend Nasir. They have been on the road to success since 2006. In addition to winning on "Norway's got talent" in 2009 the Quick Crew has won many international championship titles and have received several millions YouTube views. All these achievements have made them into one of Europe's hottest dance crews! Recently they’ve created a group of performers called The Dancing Strawhats. Their goal is to blend Asian culture into the urban art and creating a unique universe with visual art, new sounds and dance. 

这个来自挪威的舞蹈天团成员包括比拉和苏莱曼兄弟,以及他们的儿时好友纳西尔。自2006年,他们不断取得成功。2009年Quick Crew团队获得《挪威达人秀》的多个国际冠军奖项,其视频在YouTube获得几千万的点击。这些成就使他们成为欧洲最火的舞蹈天团。最近,他们成立了一个表演团队“The Dancing Strawhats”,目的是将亚洲文化融入都市艺术,创造一个兼具视觉艺术、创新音效和舞蹈的独特世界。

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