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Chinese effects on expats returning home from China


In this video, a British expat named "funlinfang" shares with us the effects of Chinese lifestyle, whether good or bad, on Westerners who return to their home countries after living extensively in China. What aspects do Chinese living habits influence these Westerners? Some habits are well accepted, some are a bit strange to them. Do you agree? Please feel free to leave comments below. 


1. Prefer "bye bye" to "bye" 说"拜拜"

Chinese say "拜拜" (bái bái) when they say goodbye to others. As the Chinese pinyin bái bái is similar to the English "bye bye", the expat back home has been accustomed to saying a double "bye" rather than a single "bye". 

2. Drink hot water 喝热水

Chinese people like drinking hot water, especially during the monthly period. 

3. Bargaining 讨价还价

4. Check whether the knife and fork is clean 检查刀叉是否干净

5. Play games on a smartphone 玩手机游戏

6. Drink alcohol with a small cup 用小杯喝酒

7. Take off shoes before entering the house 进门前先拖鞋

8. The Asian squat 亚洲蹲

9. Have you eaten yet? 吃饭了吗

10. Noontime nap 午睡习惯

11. Car drivers behave differently on the zebra crossing 斑马线上,司机表现不同

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