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Talking about marathon (ma la song) in Chinese

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Though many have heard of the following story, do you know that "马拉松 (mǎ lā sōng, marathon)" was originally a place in Greece? Do you know a marathon is not simply 42 km but an exact distance of 42.193 km?


It dates back to 490 BC. The Persians and Athenians were at war near the Marathon Sea in ancient Greece, a conflict known as the Greco-Persian Wars. The Athenians eventually won and a soldier named Pheidippides couldn't wait to take the good news back to the people in his hometown. Since there were no cars, he had no choice but to run like the blazes toward Athens. When he arrived, he was nearly dead from exhaustion. He shouted with his last strength: "Let's celebrate, Athenians, we won!" After that, he collapsed and died. Pheidippides ran a total 42.193 km.


The first Olympic Games were held in 1896, when the marathon was set as a 42.193 km race in memory of Pheidippides. 


The World Marathon Majors (马拉松大满贯, mǎ lā sōng dà mǎn guàn) is a circuit of marathon competitions, comprised of Boston Marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York Marathon, and Tokyo Marathon.


Once one starts running marathons, finishing the races in the World Marathon Majors will a top pursuit.


The Boston Marathon (波士顿马拉松, bō shì dùn mǎ lā sōng) is the first city marathon recorded. It's famous because of its strict enrollment requirements, known as BQ, or Boston Qualify. The Boston Marathon is usually held on the third Monday in April.


The Tokyo Marathon (东京马拉松, dōng jīng mǎ lā sōng) is the only World Marathon Major held in Asia, which is usually held on the third Sunday in February.


The London Marathon (伦敦马拉松, lún dūn mǎ lā sōng) is the hardest to sign up for among the six majors, with only one runner in six chosen from among the applicants. It's usually held in late April.


The Berlin Marathon (柏林马拉松, bó lín mǎ lā sōng) is known for its flat racing track and extremely comfortable temperatures, which are benefits for the runners. The PB, personal bests, of the Berlin Marathon has always kept records among the six majors. It's usually held in late September.


The Chicago Marathon (芝加哥马拉松, zhī jiā gē mǎ lā sōng) has a loop track, and has earned a reputation for its great competition management and well-rounded services provided. It's usually held in the middle of October.


The New York Marathon (纽约马拉松, niǔ yuē mǎ lā sōng) is the last held during a year, usually in early November. It's like an annual party for global marathon fans where they enjoy every aspect of a good marathon.


*Have you ever taken part in Marathon before? Share your story with us!

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