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Policeman hailed a hero for preventing an accident

A traffic policeman prevented a disastrous accident thanks to his experience, winning praise from the world after a surveillance video was broadcast by CNN.

Li Weiqi, the traffic police on duty on April 21, was patrolling at a big busy intersection in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

At some point, he noticed there was something weird about the road as minor cracks showed even though most people would have ignored it.

Li didn't miss the signal of danger. He started to ease the traffic and directed passing cars to bypass the questionable road surface.

It was not an easy job as the crossing was quite busy. Soon, he brought some road cones from nearby and blocked the area. His colleagues came and helped him to surround the area to warn the passing vehicles to stay away from it.

It was only four minutes from the time Li noticed the problem and set up all the cones. Then, a two-meter-deep sinkhole appeared. Thanks to the police's foresight, nobody was hurt.

CNN has uploaded the video to its official Facebook account and received over 3.6 million clicks and about 20,000 reposts so far. It was flooded with praise for the policeman.

@Irene Shaw said "Wow! That's so scary. But his vision was spot on. Can you imagine if the cop wasn't there to notice what was about to happen. He saved so many people that day from sinking in that hole."

@Brandie Wilburn comments "Somebody give that man a beer and a raise!"
@Chris Teo said "Do give that traffic cop a medal, promotion and raise…he did risk his dear life and has a family to go home too like everyone else."

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