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Dama to perform square dancing on Canada Day


A team of energetic "Chinese dama" are going abroad to perform their neighborhood "square dancing" on a bigger stage this July.


The term Dama, a Chinese pinyin that translated literally as "big mamas", refers to the group of women, usually middle aged, who gather in parks and squares to dance in unison to often deafeningly-loud music.


Ottawa mayor office this year invites 30 senior people from Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong province to perform square dancing on Canada Day.


An official with Ottawa Tourism Bureau said Wednesday at a press conference that more Chinese elements would be added to this year's Canada Day to mark the friendship between the two countries.


Ottawa, Canada's capital, is the place for the country's biggest annual birthday celebration on July 1 every year. People dressed in their best red and white outfits participate in parade, carnival, barbecue parties and outdoor concerts on that day.


30 seniors from Guangzhou are invited to perform square dancing with "Little Apple" and "The Hottest Ethnic Trend", two of the most popular folk songs in China on that day too.


"Officials from the city's tourism bureau will attend the grand 'Welcome Dinner' for Chinese guests on June 30," said the official.


Every Chinese performer will be named honorary citizen of Ottawa and receive a certificate issued by the Mayor's Office, the official added. And all of them are invited to the firework display party on the night of July 1.



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