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Shanghai’s white-collar workers earn most in China


New analysis is suggesting Shanghai is one-again the best city in the country when it comes to salaries for white-collar workers.


Analysis from job recruitment site Zhaopin.com says white-collar workers in Shanghai average salaries through the first quarter of this year have come in at around 88-hundred yuan per month. This is slightly above the average in Beijing, which sits at around 87-hundred yuan.


Shenzhen ranks third at 81-hundred yuan.


Among all categories, the best paid jobs in Shanghai are in the professional service sector, including accounting, legal and human resources. Workers in these sectors earn an average of 13-thousand-400 yuan per month.


Joint ventures and listed companies are said to be the most generous employers, while private firms and government-backed institutions paid the lowest.


Shanghai, for years, was the best place in China to be a white-collar worker.


However, a move by companies to locate their headquarters in Beijing over the past decade has seen Beijing take over that title recently.



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