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SK-II ad about “leftover women” move people to tears


Recently, an advert about "leftover women" made by SK-II has gone viral on the internet. 


In the 4-minute video, several single women tell their feelings and stories about themselves. These women are labeled "leftover women" for not getting married before the age of 25. They are under great pressure, from both the society and their own parents. Some are forced to get married, and even "sold" like a product in the "marriage market".


They yearn for support and understanding from their parents, and expect true love. Finally, they decide to be what they are. They go to the "marriage market" and tell their parents what they feel about being a single. 


The video moves numerous Chinese net users, and the Westerners as well. Many Western presses also covered the topic, discussing the "leftover women" problem in China. 

一个短视频,让无数中国人深受触动。然而,这一次,这个视频走向了世界,感染更多国外的人…..国外各大媒体都转载了这个视频,探讨了中国的"leftover women 剩女"现象。

BBC: Emotional advert about China's 'leftover women' goes viral


Mashable: A heart-wrenching commercial empowers the single 'leftover women" of China 


Huffington Post: Heartbreaking video lifts up 'leftover' Chinese women shamed for being single


New York Magazine: The video challenges the stigma of 'leftover' single Chinese women


Daily Mail: 'You are a leftover woman': Chinese singletons reveal how their parents shame them if they don't marry by the age of 25 – calling them ugly and disrespectful


And, the video also moves the net users overseas: 

Angie Davis: powerful video for women everywhere. China has cultural, historical and political reasons for pressuring women to marry, but I think the pressure on women to marry is often felt throughout the world. This is an important conversation to have with out daughters, I hope we can keep the conversation going. 


PBOUDVILLE: You are all beautiful women. Your independence must be respected by parents. Many in the West choose never to have children or even get married. 


Snu: Crushed me. I can't stand that kind of pain. 


Illuminati_Confirmed: I think the parents are the disrespectful ones here. Can't force your child into something they don't want to. 


Mike Pritchard: I respect people who stay single until they find someone they can genuinely love. What a silly social norm to shame people for being independent. 


Melanie Mota: What an empowering message! Love yourself and do what's good for you! 


Em Shen: DO NOT let numbers constrain your steps. It doesn't really matter that you are 27, 30 or 35. It's all about your personal choice that whether you want to be single or not. 


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