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China’s nuclear industry goes global

China nuclear industry, China nuclear technology

China General Nuclear Power Corporation announced that it had sealed a Memorandum of Understanding in Prague on the development of nuclear and renewable energy with Czech Energy Group.


Taking the advantage of its technology and good reputation, nuclear industry has become another "name card" of China despite of the cut-throat competition in the world.


However, as more Chinese nuclear enterprises going global, complaints began to appear. Some foreign media questioned the safety of China's nuclear technology while others claiming that China's nuclear projects in certain countries polluted local environment.


Some even criticized that the Chinese nuclear companies are posing threats to the national security in countries they have invested. Therefore, facts speak louder than words. Chinese nuclear companies have given top priority to safety when expanding their business overseas, which in return has sharpened their competitiveness edge in global market.


For example, the designing of the "Hualong One" reactor, which is China's indigenous brand nuclear technology, has met the most stringent international standard because it is installed with sophisticated incident prevention and mitigation systems. Some of its safety standards even surpass the requirement of Generation-III nuclear technology.


Environmental protection is strictly upheld by Chinese companies. Take the China-France nuclear cooperation project as an example. Last July, both countries signed a joint statement to strengthen civil nuclear energy cooperation, vowing to share experiences on disposal of high-radiation wastes, especially the design and construction of deep geological repositories.


Moreover, the CAP 1400, the Generation-III nuclear technology system independently developed by China, is expected to land in South Africa and Turkey this year. The unit adopts the latest domestic and international standards, and meets the strictest requirement in environmental protection. In addition, Chinese nuclear enterprises have enjoyed advantage in economic competitiveness. From a global level, China's nuclear power units, supported by strong manufacturing capability, prove to be the most cost-effective industry compared with their counterparts in other countries.

除此以外,中国独立研发的第三代核技术系统CAP 1400有望今年在南非和东京着陆。该装置采用了最新的国内外标准,达到了环境保护上最严苛的要求。除此以外,中国核企业已经享受到了经济竞争的优势。从国际层面来说,相比其它国家同行业竞争者,由强大制造业能力支持的中国核电单位被证明是最具有成本效益的行业。

More countries choose to cooperate with China because they see the opportunities to promote their economic development. For instance, the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant jointly built by China and Pakistan will help address the severe power shortage in Pakistan. Officials and scholars from African countries like South Africa and Kenya have expressed on many occasions that it is the right time for Chinese nuclear technology to enter the African market as it will increase power supply in the continent and stimulate local economy as well.


Market rules play an important role when Chinese nuclear companies go global based on their own concrete conditions and development strategy. It is a groundless accusation that some Western media criticized some Chinese companies resort to "digital loopholes" in their nuclear technology for future "diplomatic blackmail."


All in all, China's nuclear energy industry will help create opportunities for the development of clean energy globally, and cooperation with other countries will inject more vitality into their economy through a win-win strategy.



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