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Zuckerberg smog jog criticized by Chinese Facebook users

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Chinese Facebook users are criticising a post by Mark Zuckerberg jogging through Beijing without a face mask.


"Kicked off my visit with a run through Tiananmen Square, past the Forbidden City and over to the Temple of Heaven," the Facebook founder said in a post.


The National Meteorological Centre reported that smog this week reached "dangerously high levels" in Beijing.


The Chinese capital has been plagued by recurring air pollution linked to lung damage and respiratory illnesses.


Local media reported that the air in Beijing on Friday pushed past 300 AQI on the Air Quality Index, a level deemed 'hazardous'.

当地媒体报道说,北京星期五的空气质量指数超过了300 AQI,达到了“危险”的级别。

At this level, most Beijing residents resort to wearing face masks.


Social media giant Facebook is banned in China. But thousands of netizens are still able to get around China's firewall by using virtual private networks.


While most replies on the post offered praise for Zuckerberg, some Chinese commentators were less supportive.


"Did you run for real?" asked Facebook user Nate Ziran Chen.

脸书用户Nate Ziran Chen说,“你是真的去跑步了?”

Another Facebook user Cindy Acevedo said: "Mark goes to Beijing, decides to go running. Mark doesn't wear a mask, comes back to US with lung cancer. Don't be like Mark, wear your mask."

另一位脸书用户Cindy Acevedo写了一首打油诗,“马克去了北京,决定去跑步。他没戴口罩,回到美国得了肺癌。不要学马克,还是戴上口罩吧。”

"For someonewho keeps proclaiming his love and interest in China and wants to make it big, you sure don't know anything about our country," said Ginny Koh. "For one, everyone in Beijing has to wear a mask. We don't take air pollution lightly, like you do."

Ginny 高表示,“对那些一直宣称自己热爱中国,对中国感兴趣并希望它强大的人,你其实并不了解我们国家。比如说,在北京每个人都得戴口罩。对待空气污染,我们可不会像你们那样等闲视之。”


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