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Online part-time English teacher for kids wanted

The link to Jiuqu English: www.97kid.com 

Job requirements:

1) Online teaching for Chinese 5- to 10-year-olds using our web-based software and courses, work to do from home!

2) $8 for a 30-min lesson, paid weekly through paypal.

3) Free to choose your time for the classes every week (flexible and changeable), up to 20 lessons (10 hours) per week.

4) American or Canadian preferred.

5) Teaching experience preferred, but not a must. Love for children, outgoing personality, ability to teach lively, engaging lessons are necessary.

The teaching hours:

Monday to Friday: 6-6:30AM, 6:40-7:10AM, & 7:20-7:50AM. (morning EST)

Friday and Saturday: 9-9:30PM, 9:40-10:10PM, & 10:20-10:50PM. (evening EST)

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $16.00/hour

Contact us: HR@97KID.COM

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