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Pa Pa Pa! University’s “sex” essay topic stirs disputes

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It's hard to keep up with the latest Internet slang.


Take it from test writers at a university in East China's Zhejiang Province, who revealed how apparently unhip they are with an essay prompt that mistakenly used a popular euphemism for "sexual intercourse".


"There are moments of flowers and applause in life, and there are also moments of depression. When facing applauds … Please write on the topic 'Pa Pa Pa,'" read the essay prompt, uploaded photos showed.


Applicants to Zhejiang University of Media and Communications's undergraduate media editor program had a sophomoric giggle over "Pa Pa Pa," which at one time simply represented the sound for "applause" in Chinese.


However much like the English word "clap," a different meaning has been attached to the phrase.


The essay question went viral on social media, where users are well aware that the phrase has come to represent the sound of sexual intercourse.


A prospective student of the university who took the exam said the question caused him to "kind of freak out" when he read it, media reported.


The university has yet to comment.



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