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Google’s China President sends New Year wishes in Chinese

Mark Zuckerberg is no longer the only high-profile foreign technological entrepreneur who can communicate with Chinese audiences in Mandarin. 


Now, Scott Beaumont, Google's Great China President, has sent a video message to Chinese netizens.


Dressed in traditional Chinese attire, Beaumont delivered his New Year's greetings in entire Mandarin Chinese. Although his pronunciation and intonation left something to be desired, his command of Chinese catchphrases impressed many netizens. For example, at one point, he said, "My Chinese is still not good enough, but my Chinese pals comfort me by saying, 'It doesn't matter. It's really the charisma that counts'." 


Beaumont also stressed that Google has "always been here, always been here, always been here, as important things are to be said three times." 


He closed by revealing his two wishes for the Year of the Monkey: First, to help bring more digital insight to China, and help bring China to the world. Second, to visit more of China with his family. Surprisingly, his family members all speak Chinese in the end of the video!


Click to take a look:

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