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Shanghai Disneyland offers world’s cheapest Disney resort tickets

Shanghai Disney Resort, cheapest disneyland

Shanghai Disney Resort has revealed its ticket prices for Disneyland claiming the lowest of all 12 Disney parks and six resorts in the world.


Shanghai Disneyland ticket prices are set at 499 yuan (75 dollar) for the grand opening period (June 16-30, 2016) and regular price at 370 yuan. Its regular price for a one-day ticket is lower than its peers in Hong Kong, which is priced at 539 yuan and the Disneyland in Tokyo in Japan at 374 yuan. The regular price for a one-day ticket at the two parks in Los Angeles is $139.


Tickets for Shanghai's Disneyland will be on sale on March 28, 2016.


Shanghai's Disneyland will have its opening day on June 16, 2016. All tickets will be date-specific and valid for admission only on the date purchased.


Peak pricing for high-demand dates, including designated holidays, summer holidays and weekends, is set at 499 yuan. Special pricing will be provided to categorized guests: children (1.4m and below), seniors (65 years old and above) and guests with disabilities will receive discounts of 25 percent, infants (1m and below) receive free admission. A two-day ticket will be available at a five percent discount. On March 28, 2016, guests can obtain information on tickets through several official channels.


The project has been under construction for more than six years now. Jun 16-that is, 6-16-2016-has been apparently chosen as the date of opening because the three 6s are believed to be auspicious, heralding success.


Real estate professionals believe any success of Shanghai Disney Resort would entail all-round benefits for the area. For example, visitors in huge numbers would likely spark a retail boom in Shanghai.


"Supplies of retail properties are really limited now and prices have more than doubled in the past 12 months. Obviously, investors believe that even a 10 square meter space for a noodle stand will be really profitable if it is close enough to Disneyland," said Lu Jianxin, a real estate agent with Shanghai Huayu Property Ltd.


It's not just business-minded people who are all excited about Shanghai Disney. Even 13-year-old Zhang Zihao in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, can't wait for Disney to open its gates. He has been saving his pocket money for a long time so he could visit Shanghai Disney Resort during the summer vacation.



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