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Jackie Chan, Fu is coming! It’s your turn now!

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福 (blessing): 我到(倒:dào)了

福 (blessing): 我到(倒:dào)了!
                       Jackie Chan!
                       It is your turn now!
My name is "福"(fú) or "blessing" in English. I'm a big star in Chinese characters.

Chinese people like me very much, especially in the Spring Festival holiday, I'm much more popular than Jackie Chan!

My broker is a smart team made up of Chinese ancestors. They always have me dressed in yellow, which is the exclusive clothing color of Chinese emperors. So yellow highlights my nobility. My cloak is usually red. Don't be bothered by the bright color, as it helps to expel evil spirits.  

On New Year's Eve, every family would paste me on their doors, as I will bring them happiness, blessing, safety and fortune.

When I'm in the low mood sometimes, I wouldn't arrive at (到, dào) some households on time. In order to make me arrive (到, dào) quickly, they figure out a way: to paste me inversely (倒, dào). Do you know realize that到 (dào, arrive) and 倒 (dào, turn upside down) are homophones? People hoping for good luck would always paste me inversely, reminding me to come to their homes as soon as possible.
你知道嘛?到(dào:arrive)& 倒(dào:inverted)的发音是一样的。所以希望得到好运的人们,就把我倒着贴,提醒我:快到我家来!

I usually stand upside down all the year round. You may wonder whether I have the magic power. Surely, I do. Otherwise, how can I gain more exposure than Jackie Chan?
我常常头朝地,脚朝天,倒贴一整年。你不觉得我有神功吗?的确有!要不,我的曝光率怎么能超过成龙大哥呢?!"Blessing!快点儿来我家!" Come on to my home!"到(倒:dào)!福到(倒:dào)了!成龙大哥,你到(倒:dào)了吗?快来和我过一招儿!""到(倒:dào)!福到(倒:dào)了!Jackie Chan,你到(倒:dào)了吗?Come on play with me!"

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