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Did you pay to view blurry photos in WeChat Moments?

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The WeChat moments were filled with 'smog' on Jan. 26. Actually, this is a new function of WeChat where users can share a photo that is blurred by the system, people who want to view the photo will have to give the user a red envelope first. The new function is called the 'red envelope photo'. 


it's common to see WeChat users using electronic red envelope, but it's rare to see users made to pay for Moments photos. Some users thought their nearsightedness worsened when they checked the Moments. 

用微信发电子红包(electronic red envelope)这件事已经不稀奇了,不过看朋友圈照片得先发红包就有点新鲜了。昨天,很多人都表示,一打开朋友圈,还以为自己的近视加重了。

Soon after the launch of red envelop photos, many users refused to pay to see the photos. 



Who cares to look!


Ugly fellows, I will definitely not pay to see your ugly photos!


I will not check my WeChat Moments tonight because I don't have money.


I've been tired of someone's selfies for long, finally, they are all blurred.


I'm flat broke, and my WeChat friends all despise me.


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