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Step-by-step guide to using WeChat

Not all people know the secrets of WeChat, although most know for Whatsapp. Below you will find the secrets of WeChat.

Sending Messages

Go into a person's talk chat or group chat.

At the bottom you will see a place to write your messages. Click that.

Write what you want to write and send it at the bottom right corner.

Sending Faces or Emoticons

Go into a person's talk chat or group chat.

At the bottom on the right of the messaging area you will see a face. Click that.

If you want to send faces, click the face and you will see lots of faces to use. If you want to send emoticons, click others. Emoticons cannot be put on a message.

Sending Voice Messages

Go into a person's talk chat or group chat.

At the bottom on the left of the messaging area you will see a sound symbol. Press that.

Wait for a second and say what you want to say.

Release your finger to send.

Sticker Shop

Go into a person's talk chat or group chat.

Tap the (+) sign at bottom right corner.

Choose "Free Stickers."

Download the emoticons to use while chatting.

Adding Contacts

Go to "Contacts" tab on click "Add" on the top right.

Choose WeChat ID, QQ Contacts, Mobile Contacts, Google Contacts, or Friend Radar. To choose WeChat ID, you have to type in the WeChat ID. For QQ Contacts, you have to have a QQ account. For Mobile Contacts, you have to add people from your personal contacts. For Friend Radar, WeChat will try to find WeChat users around you.

Creating Group Chats

On the top right corner, you will see a plus sign. Click that.

Press group chat.

From all your friends, choose the friends you want to add inside your newly made group.

After your have chosen your friends, click ok on the top-right corner.

Comment and Like Moments

Go to "Discover" tab and click "Moments".

Click the symbol at the bottom right at every moment.

You will find something that says "Comment or Like". Click either.

Post Moments

Go to "Discover" tab and click "Moments".

Click the camera button on the top right.

Choose "Take Photo" or "Choose Photo". For "Take Photo", take a picture of the moment. For "Choose Photo", choose photos from your photo album.

Write something about the moment.

Show the Location the moment was at. (optional)

Click "Send".


If you are a Chinese language user, do the following.

Go to "Discover" tab and click "Games". Shown below will be the undownloaded games.

Download them by clicking the game then clicking "Download".

If you are another language user, do the following.

Go to App Store and under the "Search" tab write: 欢乐麻将, 全民飞机大战, 天天飞车, 全民英雄, 欢乐斗地主, 节奏大师, 天天酷跑, 天天连葫, or 天天爱消除.

Download the game.

Connect it to WeChat.

Make sure you agree to the rules.

WeChat payment is one of the most common mobile wallet in China and makes life so much easier. How to bond your bankcard in your WeChat?

Step 1: Prepare a bank card 

A bank card is required so that you can pay directly through WeChat. Chinese banks allow foreigners to have an account without a Chinese ID. A Visa or Mastercard from a foreign bank might work. But it can't be guaranteed.

Step 2: Add your bank card 

Get in the "Me" section.

Then go to "Wallet" option. Once you click, the "Wallet" menu can be seen as below.

Select "Card", then "Add a Card".


Step 3: Fill in your bank account and related information

Fill in your bank account and related information.

You will also need to set up a password for WeChat payment. You will need it every time you pay through WeChat.

Once you finished these 3 steps, it's done! Now you can pay through your WeChat, your mobile wallet. 

What can you do with your WeChat wallet? 

Direct payment 

You can transfer money directly to your WeChat friends. 

Choose "Transfer" or "Lucky Money" (i.e. red envelope) to your WeChat friends in the Wallet menu, or Press "+" in your conversation with your friend and then Choose "Transfer" or "Lucky Money."

       transfer.jpg         wechat chat.png

Quick Pay 

You can pay your bills in convenience stores through WeChat. 

What you need to do is choose "Quick Pay," and then show the bar code on your screen to the clerk when you need to pay your bill in convenience stores.

Choose "Balance" at your Wallet menu. Your WeChat balance can be seen as below, and you can "Top Up" or "Withdraw" the money back to your Bank account.


Other functions, such as ordering a taxi, topping up your phone and buying movie tickets are waiting for you to discover on the Wallet menu.

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