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Demand for childcare soars with second-child policy in effect

second-child policy, nursery matrons, infant educators

With China's second-child policy in effect from this January, there is a soaring demand for nursery matrons and infant educators. The wages for such jobs in Dongguan, a city in southern China's Guangdong province, even saw an average rise of 30 percent.


The business potential also attracted employees of Global 500 enterprises to join the childcare industry, according to information from the talent market in Dongguan.


Thanks to the second-child policy, more families will need babysitters and infant educators. Some anxious mothers even start the nanny hunt months before their newborns arrive.


Huang Yong, director of the Dongguan Chitong Household Service Center, explained that many young couples choose to hire a professional to help out with the new baby since their aging parents cannot take on the strenuous work. Thus, there is great potential in the growing industry.


Data showed that the average pay for nursery matrons is currently around 6,000 yuan per month. Some experienced workers can make up to 8,000 yuan, and for the most seasoned in the industry, even a 10,000 yuan monthly salary is not impossible. After the second-child policy came into effect, these monthly salaries have increased by about 30 percent on average. Even so, there is still more demand than supply.


In addition, the municipal government of Dongguan offers a subsidy of up to 2,200 yuan for those who undergo infant educator training and pass an examination.


Naturally, the childcare training industry is also riding the baby boom tide, Huang said, adding that in addition to infant educators, some expectant parents also take childcare classes.


Though the salary is tempting, the requirements for the job are rigorous. Apart from patience and a caring attitude, physical health and detail orientation are also a must. One also has to be highly concentrated on the work, given its special nature.



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