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That’s how Chinese nouveau riche couple tie the knot!

One Chinese couple did not hold back when commemorating their marriage as they lit up a quiet village with brightly-coloured outfits, exotic chauffeured supercars and plenty of gold jewelry.


The festivities in idyllic Sanxiang Town, curated by couple from Macau, south China, were described by one onlooker as like 'something from a film set' according to People's Daily Online. 


Chinese nouveau riche, tuhao wedding

The recent 'dynasty'-themed nuptials saw the groom dress up in a dashing emperor costume and his best men pretend to be ancient generals – while the invitations joked that guests would be behead' if they failed to attend the event without good cause. 


Chinese nouveau riche, tuhao wedding

It remains unclear when the wedding took place, but pictures of the celebrations, which reportedly cost a whopping 2.8 million yuan (£290,000), quickly went viral on the social media networking platform WeChat.


Many users criticised the opulent scenes as a chronic case of 'tuhao', which rougly translates as 'uncouth nouveau riche' or 'tasteless tycoons'.



Tony M, Essex, United Kingdom

Money buys neither class or taste !!!


Sandy Brown, London

I wonder if they do any charity work?


k8fearsnoart, Lancaster Pennsylvania USA, United States

Seriously, do you ask that of everyone you know? Do you ask that of the couples whose weddings you've attended? Get out of their pockets, it's NOT your money. 



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