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Baidu expands footprint in India by buying stakes in local companies

Baidu in India, Internet market

Baidu, China's largest search engine, may grow its presence in India by purchasing stakes in Zomato, BookMyShow, and BigBasket.


In an interview with the Times of India, Tim Yang, the general manager of Baidu India, said that the company has already had discussions with each company. A representative for Baidu confirmed that talks have taken place, but said the company can't give specific details about investment plans yet.


Restaurant search and reservation site Zomato, ticket booking platform BookMyShow and online grocer BigBasket are all examples of O2O startups. O2O, which can stand for "online-to-offline" or "offline-to-online," is a catchall term for companies that focus on directing e-commerce traffic into brick-and-mortar businesses (or vice versa). Despite its silly acronym, O2O is a major priority for Chinese tech companies, especially those that want to grow their mobile businesses because a lot of O2O commerce is conducted through smartphone apps.

餐厅搜索与预订网站Zomato、机票预订平台BookMyShow以及在线百货商店BigBasket,均是O2O创业公司的典型代表。O2O是"线上到线下"或是"线下到线上"的意思,这个术语泛指那些专注于将电商流量导入实体业务的公司。O2O也是中国科技公司当前优先发展的业务 ,尤其是那些想要实现移动业务增长的公司,原因就在大量O2O商业活动都是通过智能手机应用进行的。

India is expected to overtake the United States as the world's largest Internet market by user number soon. Unsurprisingly, many tech companies in China (which has the most Internet users in the world)—including Tencent, Alibaba, Didi Kuaidi, and Xiaomi—are looking at India as a potential market and source of investment opportunities.


Several of Baidu's products are already available in India and have tens of millions of users. The most popular ones are utility apps for Android devices: ES File Explorer (which has over 10 million monthly active users in India), DU Speed Booster (eight million), and DU Battery Saver (eight million).

百度的多款产品已经登陆印度市场,用户也达到数千万。最受欢迎的产品是专门针对安卓设备的几款实用应用:ES文件浏览器(在印度的每月活跃用户数已经突破1000万),DU Speed Booster和DU Battery Saver(这两款应用在印度的每月活跃用户数均达到800万)。

It also operates a third-party Android app store called MoboMarket, which is already available in Hindi. Support for more Indian languages is planned—including Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, and Urdu—in order to attract consumers in smaller cities, part of Baidu's plan to grow its user base by targeting people who are accessing the Internet or using smartphones for the first time.



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