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Foreigners respond after Zhang Ziyi gives birth to baby in US

Foreigners respond after Zhang Ziyi gives birth to baby in U.S.

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, who gained international fame for her role in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," posted a photo of a baby's hand online Monday to announce the arrival of her daughter.



1. If I am that kid, I would choose to be a Chinese Citizen instead of U.S. citizen. Why? (1) U.S. middle class is on adecline while in China they are on a climb, (2) 47 millions Americans are now on Food Stamps and not getting better, (3) That kid can have more opportunities in China due mainly to racism and micro-aggression. No longer does an Asian have to major in science or engineering to get a decent job.


2. She's so proud to be Chinese but yet wants her kid to be an American citizen. 


3. Another anchor baby! Just lovely!


4. Gone are the days when Chinese women would honorably wait to be married before having children. 


5. Many rich people who have babies in the US every day and as long as they pay for hospital bills and do not rely on the welfare system, then I have no issue with these people, keep in mind these people are here legally for one reason or another, on the other hand, millions of illegals who broke the US law to enter the US, these are the people who drain on the welfare system and their kids are more likely to become the burden of our society for life. Having said that, those who are born in the US are Americans because our constitution said so. 



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