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Chinese love note in a drift bottle found in Anglesey

Chinese love message, chinese letterjpg

An 11-year-old boy who was beachcombing had a big surprise when he discovered a message in a bottle washed up on the sand.


Jack Harrington and his mum Nancy were walking their dog on Silver Bay Beach in Anglesey when he spotted the glass bottle containing a scroll of paper written in a foreign language.


Chinese love message, chinese letter

"One of my work colleagues is married to a Chinese lady, who kindly provided the interpretation," she said. The text contains a story of love and loss and appears to have come from Gulangyu Island – an island off the coast of Xiamen city in southern China. If the bottle really did come from the island, it would have floated thousands of miles around the world.


The translated message

"Gulangyu islet is the most surprising, most memorable, and the place of both my happiest and saddest memories.


At this unromantic and unremarkable islet, my romance that never started, ended.


Three or maybe four days remain, to reminisce, to regret, to feel our emotions, where I can be allowed to quietly enjoy being with you, watching you, holding you close.


Life must continue. The things you hold on to always hold you back. Keep moving forward, keep running. With all the things there are to think about, you will eventually forget.


Wherever you may be, take time out to think in peace and quiet. Spend your days being happy with someone who is special to you.


Bye, my little sweetie, and goodbye to our Gulangyu islet.


I remember saying goodbye outside the door of Amolensis. I will always remember the moment deep in my heart as well as your little mannerisms.


Sadly you have left and life must go on. There is nothing we can do, is there?"


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