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Rest in Peace: China’s circuit breaker

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Well, China circuit breaker, you had a good run. A short life, to be sure. But you did achieve world fame. People from around the world – mostly in financial centres – have gathered to discuss your life and its achievements.


You were created from an act of love – the love of stability. We live in tumultuous times, my friend, and you did your best to bring calm. By suspending all trading of China equities after a 5 per cent fall, you tried to bring investors together and let cooler heads prevail. Surely after 15 long minutes everyone would turn bullish again. And okay, they didn’t, causing you to come in again and send everyone home. But what was your crime? Optimism. One day, let us hope we can live up to your standards.


Critics will say you failed, only bringing more volatility to markets. But the critics will be forgotten. You’ll be remembered long after they’re gone.


Let us not dwell on your passing. Let us celebrate your achievements. You came into this world on Monday; you were gone by Thursday. But in just four sessions you shut down the market twice. A 0.500 batting average, we could say.


For those of us still behind, let us not despair. For there are already reports that you haven’t died, but merely were suspended. We pray for your return.


Until, then, Rest In Peace.



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