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Film documentary A Bite of New Year hits the cinema

a bite of new year, chinese documentary

It's been a trend recently for Chinese entertainment shows to move from the small screen to the big screen. The latest follower of this trend is hit food documentary A Bite of China, which is scheduled to hit cinemas with film documentary A Bite of New Year on January 7.


The movie will focus on how to prepare food for the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, according to one of the directors, Chen Lei.


"We hope to find those little known but very yummy foods for Spring Festival," he said, adding that there was only room to show 43 of the 60 dishes shot in the film.


To make a high quality food documentary, the directorial team used brand new equipment, including 4K video cameras to capture every detail at high speed and at extremely close distances.


Chen Xiaoqing, the artistic director for the film, said that while the Spring Festival is a remnant of the agrarian age, it still has a place in today's modern society.


"The Spring Festival is full of color. While the festival is losing appeal in modern times, we hope to bring back the festival by using people's memories of the food presented in this film," Chen said.


A Bite of China is a Chinese documentary television series on the history of food, eating, and cooking in China directed by Chen Xiaoqing, narrated by Li Lihong with original music composed by Roc Chen. It first aired May 14, 2012 on China Central Television and quickly gained high ratings. The seven-episode documentary series, which began filming in March 2011, introduces the history and story behind foods of various kinds in more than 60 locations in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The documentary has also been actively encouraged as a means of introducing Chinese food culture to those unfamiliar with local cuisine.



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