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Apple partners with UnionPay to bring Apple Pay to China

Apple Pay in China, Chinese UnionPay

Apple and China UnionPay announced a partnership to bring Apple Pay, a mobile payment solution provided by the US tech giant, to its Chinese customers next year.

苹果公司和中国银联宣布合作,将于明年在中国推出"苹果支付" — 美国科技巨头为其中国用户提供的移动支付解决方案。

According to the company's statement, users do not have to download an app or push display on their smart device in stores. With the innovative NFC antenna design, iPhone users can simply hold their phones near China UnionPay's QuickPass-enabled POS terminals with their fingers on Touch ID to pay.

根据该公司的声明,在商店使用苹果支付购物不必打开一款支付APP,甚至无需唤醒屏幕,支付可以简单到通过手指的触摸在一瞬间完成。通过突破性的NFC天线设计,用户只要将iPhone靠近支持银联云闪付的POS终端,同时将手指放在Touch ID上即可完成支付。

"With Apple Watch, just double click the side button and hold the watch face up to the contactless reader to make a purchase right from your wrist," said the statement.

声明还说,"如果使用Apple Watch,只需连按两下侧边按钮,然后将表盘贴近非接触式读卡器,便可直接在手腕上完成购买。"

According to the company, Apple Pay will roll out to China UnionPay cardholders as soon as early 2016 after relevant tests and certification required by Chinese regulators, with the service itself in compliance with the applicable national mobile payment and financial industry standards in China.

据苹果公司称,Apple Pay相关产品和技术严格遵循中国国家和金融行业移动支付标准,并将按照中国监管部门要求完成相关检测和认证,之后将正式向中国地区的银联卡持卡人开放此项服务,预计最快2016年初。

China UnionPay cardholders will be able to add their bank cards to Apple Pay on iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad to enable the function.

持有中国银联卡的用户可以将银行卡与iPhone,Apple Watch或者iPad绑定来启用支付功能。

"Apple Pay has revolutionized the way millions of people pay every day with their iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad," said Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice-president of Internet Software and Services. "China is an extremely important market for Apple and with China UnionPay and with support from 15 of China's leading banks, users will soon have a convenient, private and secure payment experience."

"通过iPhone、Apple Watch以及iPad,苹果支付已经革新了数百万用户日常消费的支付方式。"Apple互联网软件与服务高级副总裁Eddy Cue说,"对于苹果而言,中国市场的重要性不言而喻。通过携手中国银联以及15家中国主要银行的支持,中国的用户即将可以享受便捷、私密和安全的支付体验。"

"China UnionPay is dedicated to promoting payment innovations and providing secure, convenient mobile payment experiences for its hundreds of millions of cardholders, aligning multiple parties in the industry," said Chai Hongfeng, executive vice president of China UnionPay. "We're very excited to offer Apple Pay among a diverse set of innovative payment options that work with China UnionPay QuickPass."

"中国银联致力于推动支付创新,联合产业各方为数亿银联卡持卡人提供安全、便捷的移动支付体验,"中国银联执行副总裁柴洪峰说,"我们非常高兴为消费者带来包括Apple Pay在内的一系列基于银联云闪付的创新支付选择。"

"China UnionPay's QuickPass and Apple Pay together will protect customer payment information through industry-leading payment tokenization technology," said the statement.

"银联云闪付与Apple Pay结合,将通过应用业界领先的Token(支付标记)安全技术,保护用户的支付信息。"声明中说。

Apple also expressed that security is at the core of Apple Pay, so when users add credit or debit cards, the actual card numbers are not stored on the device, nor on Apple servers. Instead, unique Device Account Numbers are assigned, encrypted and securely stored in dedicated chips called the Secure Element on devices. Each transaction is also authorized with a one-time unique dynamic security code.

苹果还表示,安全性是Apple Pay的核心所在。所以当用户添加信用卡或借记卡时,实际的卡号既不存储在设备上,也不存储在Apple的服务器上。取而代之的是系统分配的唯一的设备账号。系统对该账号进行加密,并以安全的方式将其存储在设备的安全芯片中。每次交易都得使用一次性的唯一动态安全码进行授权。

Currently, the total number of the UnionPay Card issued both at home and abroad has been over 5 billion. The UnionPay network has been extended to all the cities and rural areas in China.


In addition, UnionPay has enabled UnionPay Card acceptance across more than 150 countries and regions through extensive cooperation with financial and payment institutions around the world.


UnionPay cards can be used in more than 26 million merchants and 1.9 million ATMs.



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