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Ukrainian girl becomes an Internet sensation


A beautiful Ukrainian girl living in southwest China's Chengdu city became a hit recently on China's social media. She helped some local migrant workers buy train tickets home for the Spring Festival online. Netizens called her "the most beautiful foreigner in Chengdu."


The girl accidentally got to know that the migrant workers who worked at a construction site had not spent the Chinese New Year without their families for years, because they failed to get train tickets home. She decided to help them. After learning how to buy the tickets via internet, she successfully helped a migrant worker buy the train ticket. Knowing the news, other workers also came to her for help. Till now, she has helped more than 50 migrant workers get train tickets home.

女孩意外获知,建筑工地的农民工工作已经长达很多年没有和家人一起过新年了, 因为他们买不到回家的火车票。她决定去帮助他们。学习到如何通过互联网购票之后,她成功帮助一名农民工买到火车票。获知该消息后,其他工人也来找她帮忙。到目前为止,她已经帮助50多名工人买到了回家的火车票。

The girl speaks fluent Chinese with a little Sichuan dialect. She has lived in Chengdu for five years. She likes to chat and play mahjong with the people in her community. With approachable character and lovely appearance, she is appreciated by the people around her.


China Railway has recently published the pre-sales timetable for train tickets for this year's Spring Festival Travel Rush, also known as Chunyun in Chinese. People can book train tickets for Jan. 24, 2016 via internet or telephone calls. This year's Spring Festival travel rush lasts 40 days, from Jan. 24 to March 3, 2016. In 2014, 295 million people traveled by train during the Spring Festival holiday rush, according to the Ministry of Transport.



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