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KFC to expand in China with its 1st outlet in Tibet in 2016

KFC in Tibet, KFC in China

Fast-food chain eyes region again, 11 years after ditching plans in Tibet.


KFC is expected to open its first restaurant in Tibet next year, as part of a regional push that will see it expand in China.


A franchisee will open the KFC restaurant in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, offering its American-style fried chicken in the first half of 2016, parent company Yum Brands Inc said in a statement.


The move comes as Yum, Pizza Hut prepares to spin off its business in China. The China unit aims to roughly triple its restaurant count to 20,000.


Yum has been trying to win back customers after negative publicity stemming from food supply controversies. In 2014, a supplier to both Yum and McDonald's apologised for selling expired meat to the chains. It was one of a series of food scandals that appear to have affected sales.


As China's economy stutters, Yum's 6,900 China restaurants face the challenge of luring diners who increasingly are looking for healthier, local options and going online to hunt for deals.


Yum executives are hosting an investor meeting in Dallas on Thursday, where they are expected to unveil more details about the China spinoff planned for late 2016.



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