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Chinese students bring new business to urban economy in U.S.

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More than 5,200 students from China attend the University of Illinois, and local businesses are taking notice.


Several banks have hired Chinese-speaking employees and several clothing stores, restaurants and tea shops that cater to Asian students have opened.


"The community is well aware that this is a huge segment of the population, some of which has a lot of disposable income, all of which needs to eat and put clothes on their back," university professor Elizabeth Oyler said.

大学教授伊丽莎白·欧勒表示, "我们意识到亚洲人占据人口中很大的比重,他们其中一些人有着相当可观的收入,无疑,他们是要穿衣吃饭的".

"It's a very different town than it was 10 years ago. It's a huge number of people in a town this size who are coming from East Asia," she said.


Libby Tyler, Urbana's economic development director, said the increase in international students has "definitely fueled a lot of development in Campustown and elsewhere."


Officials see it as a positive change, Champaign-Urbana Economic Development Corp. executive director Craig Rost said, noting that Asian students bring spending power to the community.


Chinese students make up less than half of the school's overall international population – the third largest in the U.S. behind New York University and the University of Southern California.


Senior Xialingzi Jin said she never expected to see a branch of the worldwide chain Caffe Bene in her college town.

大二学生金夏玲子表示,自己没有想到源自韩国的全球咖啡连锁店Caffe Bene会开到自己的校园里。

"They mean a lot to us international students," a Chinese student said. "Those types of snacks we got after school in China. It's comforting. There are more and more options for us."


UI Research Park Director Laura Frerichs said U.S. companies with offices in China see students as potential future employees. And, she said, some Chinese students have launched startup technology companies. "There's so much wealth in China now, so many students here that we could leverage to get more invested in startup companies in Champaign," Frerichs said.


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