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China going global as a significant exporter of legal services

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Chinese law firms have begun to export legal services beyond its vast domestic market and to create an international footprint. The domestic success of China's largest firms, key alliances and international strategic planning are all factors in fueling the outward reach of China's legal services. 


China's top thirty law firms had a very good year according to "The Lawyer China Elite 2015" survey that was just released. It found that all but one of the thirty largest Chinese law firms posted revenue growth with many enjoying substantial gains. This uptick is particularly noteworthy given China's stock market crash and slowed economic growth. These firms are enjoying a white-hot market fueled, in no small measure, by the international stampede seeking to tap into the vast Chinese market. Chinese firms have quietly emerged as players in the fast-growing Asian legal market and beyond. 

刚公布的“The Lawyer China Elite 2015”调查发现,过去一年是前30强中国律所的丰收之年。除了一家,所有律所收入大幅增长。这种增长在中国股市动荡和经济放缓的大环境下尤其引人注目。随着国际律所竭力进入中国,中国律所正享受一个白热化的巨大国内市场。但他们不光着眼国内,还已悄悄打进快速发展的亚洲及其他市场。

Chinese law firms' outreach is not limited to tie-ins with global giants. 


Shanghai-based Boss & Young, utilizing "One Belt One Road", has recently initiated an international alliance of law firms. It is a Chinese member of International Referral (IR), an established network of law firms practicing in all 66 of the OBOR nations. The benefits are obvious: Boss & Young can now provide its Chinese clients with legal expertise in these far-flung outbound investment markets and also maintain tighter control over its legal business across the globe. 

上海律所Boss & Young抓住“一带一路”战略的机遇,近期发起一个国际律所联盟。如今它已是一个连接66个“一带一路”国家的成熟网络的会员,其获得的好处显而易见:可在遥远的海外投资市场为中国客户提供专业法律服务,更好地把控自己的全球业务。

China is emerging as a serious player in what is increasingly a global legal marketplace. It may not be too long before legal services become another major Chinese export. 



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