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Expenses of keeping a car in China shock Americans (1)


I have read an article noting that the average monthly wage in China has reached to as high as 6,000 Yuan, however, people still cannot afford to own a car of 100,000 Yuan, because of the average monthly costs of insurance, fuel, parking and maintenance. It exceeds 2,000 Yuan, accounting for one third of the monthly wage.



I was startled after reading this article, not by the high average monthly wage, but by the expenses of owning a car. I asked some of my friends online, and the story was corroborated by the netizens from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Xi'an and Dalian. Some said that the annual cost for keeping a car amounted to 20,000 to 30,000 Yuan, with road toll 2,300 Yuan, insurance 6,000 Yuan, fuel cost 600-900 Yuan, including parking fees and highway fees. The fees for washing, maintenance and fines had not even been included yet. Some declared that the total expenses of the car could reach over 30,000 Yuan. Some even mocked the idea of keeping a car with a monthly wage of 6,000 Yuan, joking that the money isn't even enough to make a living. Then what is the situation like in the U.S.? Is the average monthly income there enough to have and keep a car?


First of all, let's take a look at the average income in Virginia (note: not average annual  income). According to official statistics, in 2014, the average income in Virginia was 49,710 dollars, ranking the 11th in the USA, which means that the average monthly income is about 4,140 dollars.



But how about the cost of owning a car? The income and expenditure in my place is relatively high. I have showed the expenses of purchasing and keeping a car before, let's take a look


1. The insurance fee of one SRX and one SLK totals 680 dollars, 420 dollars of which is for SRX. The insurance will cover almost all the losses under any circumstances, except for  the one caused completely by myself, for which I should pay 500 dollars.


2. Annual registration fee is 40 dollars for each car.


3. Car inspection fee is 16 dollars each year.


4. Like most of the states in America, there is no parking fee, only the road  toll or highway fee will be charged .


5. The cost of washing a car is 5 to 10 dollars each time.


6. Personal property for one SRX reaches 360 dollars each year.

每年卡迪拉克的个人资产税(personal property)360美元。

7. My new SRX has a 4-year warranty and I extended it to 8 years by paying an extra 3,684 dollars when I bought the vehicle. Therefore, within the first 8 years, all maintenance and repairs will be free and all I have to pay is perhaps the expenses for the replacement of tires and brakes, which will be no more than 1,600. In this case, the annual expense for maintenance is 660 dollars.



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