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Microsoft chooses Baidu as Edge’s default search engine, home page

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On 23th, Microsoft struck a deal with Chinese search giant Baidu to make Baidu.com the default search engine and home page for Web surfers in China who are using Microsoft's Edge browser.


There are already hundreds of millions of PCs running Windows, but because of widespread piracy, Microsoft has traditionally had difficulties extracting revenue from many of these users.


The Baidu deal is designed to help Microsoft capture more users for its new Windows 10 software. In exchange for the search placement, Baidu will make it easier for its own customers to update to Microsoft's new operating system.

与百度的协议旨在帮助微软新推出的Windows 10系统获得更多用户。作为微软上述搜索安排的交换条件,百度将提供便利使其自有客户更容易升级到微软的新操作系统。

Internet users who search for Windows 10 on the China search engine will be greeted with a large banner advertisement on the top of their screens, which will then take users to a special Windows 10 download site, Baidu said.

百度称,在百度搜索引擎上搜索Windows 10的互联网用户将在页面顶部看到一个大大的广告横幅,引导用户进入一个专门的Windows 10下载网址。

Microsoft says it isn't giving up on its own search engine, Bing, in China. But with a negligible market share in the country, it makes sense for the company to play down Bing to promote its more popular Windows software, said Danny Sullivan, founding editor of website Search Engine Land.

微软表示,它不会放弃中国版必应。但网站Search Engine Land的创始主编丹尼·沙利文称,由于必应在中国的市场份额可忽略不计,微软淡化必应而推广其更受欢迎的Windows软件是合理的。

"If Google can't win the search market in China, then Microsoft can't," Mr. Sullivan said. "But there's a lot to gain by pushing the Windows adoption."


With the deal, Baidu will fortify its grip on Web search in China. More than 92% of Internet users in China have used Baidu for search, according to the China Internet Network Information Center.



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