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Rain Room in Shanghai: the rain that won’t get you wet

Rain room in Shanghai

In a darkened room lit by a single lamp, a torrent of 'rain' pours from the ceiling. But as visitors walk through the water, it seems impossible for them to get wet. This is part of Rain Room, a new weather themed art installation just debuted in Shanghai, China.


Rain Room responds to the presence and behaviour of its participants, offering visitors asurreal environment and unique relationship with water.



It interacts with visitors by detecting their movements and then starting and stopping the water above them accordingly. So as visitors walk through tentatively, thinking that they would get wet, they don't.


The large scale work was designed by Random International, a British-German art group. It officially opened on September 1 at the YUZ Museum in Shanghai. Random International has showcased the project at the Barbican Centre in London and MoMA in New York in the past.


However, the Shanghai rendition is 50 per cent larger than previous versions at 1,615 square feet. This makes it the largest exhibition of its kind in the world. It is also the first time the installation has been exhibited in Asia.


Rain Room at YUZ Museum will run until December 31 this year before moving to Beijing in 2016 and touring around the rest of Asia. The schedule is not yet released.



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