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KFC China’s black diamond and rose burgers fail to impress consumers

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After the McDonald's black burger and Burger King's scarlet creation, KFC China has now sandwiched its chicken leg patty with cheese between two pink buns.


The fast food giant introduced the unusual new burger to its summer menu, along with another fried option wedged between black buns.


According to The Nangfang the limited edition treats consist of the Black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg burger and the Rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger.

根据The Nangfang网站的介绍,这次的限量版汉堡是黑钻培根辣鸡腿堡和玫瑰芝士烤鸡腿堡。

But fast food fans have taken to Instagram to share their own experience of the bizarre meals, which appear quite different in reality to the pictures in the ads.


One diner, Chris Tweten, tweeted: 'Chinese #KFC is #MindBlowing and not in a good way. #Rose flavoured chicken burger?'

用餐者Chris Tweten在推特上说:"中国的#肯德基#很新奇但这并不是个好办法。#玫瑰和鸡肉汉堡搭在一起能吃吗?"

From fast food fans' pictures the rose burger's bun is more anaemic in real life and lacks the moulded appearance.


rose burger.jpg

Meanwhile, the filing also looks deflated, the buns shade of pink has a brownish hue and the lettuce is hard to spot.


The Black diamond burger looks far more similar to the sandwich advertised, with shiny ink-coloured buns.


However, many KFC diners seemed undisturbed by the difference between the advertised pink burger and the reality, enthusiastically tagging images on social media with #pinkburger, #yummy and #unique.


One theory behind the two new bun shades is that they're based on the protagonists in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a Japanese anime that is popular in China.


The two main characters, Madoka Kaname and her friend Homura Akemi, wear signature black and pink outfits.



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