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Thailand, Japan and HK become hottest destinations for Chinese tourists

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Thailand, Japan and Hong Kong became the most popular destinations for tourists from the Chinese mainland during the summer's peak tourism season because of the host destinations' new visa policies and favorable currency exchange rates.


According to a report released by tuniu.com, a Chinese online travel agency in Nanjing, outbound visits in July and August increased 380 percent compared with the same period last year.


Asian countries and regions still ranked as the most popular destinations of Chinese tourists. However, South Korea, which was the first choice of Chinese tourists in 2014, fell out of the top five.


July and August are traditionally the peak summer vacation months and account for 35 percent of the total trips made abroad during the year, the China Tourism Academy said.


Italy is also among the popular choices during the summer break, thanks to the Expo 2015 in Milan, said Yan Xin, publicity officer of Ctrip, a Chinese online travel agency based in Shanghai.


"Many tourists adjusted their European trips ahead of schedule because of the Milan Expo," Yan said. "The weakening euro also contributed to the growing number of trips to Italy, which increased more than 100 percent compared with the same period last year."


The China outbound tourism development report published by the China Tourism Academy, said China continued to make rapid strides in the global tourism market, and is expected to see 16 percent more mainland tourists traveling overseas in 2015 than did so last year.


In 2014, about 70 percent of outbound tourists went to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, which means that overseas tourism still has room to grow.


The boom of overseas travel nevertheless faced limitations in the past. Now, thanks to simplified visa application processes and favorable currency exchange rates, the rapid growth will continue in the next decade.



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