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MailOnline journalist Jamie Fullerton’s ‘Mr Mommy’ experience in China

'In the next 24 hours you will experience a typical Chinese new mother's life after delivery,' reads the letter I am handed as I arrive in a nondescriptseventh-floor flat in west Shanghai.


As I step into a small, sparsely furnished bedroom, Jane Jiang, my friendly host, introduces me to a lactation consultant in a medical-style dress named Zhiyi.


Two plastic baby dolls bearing mildly demonic grins are lying on the bed next to a maternity bra and two pink, jelly-like half-spheres. I'd say they are probably C-cups.


'Please put on your breasts, bra and pyjamas and lie down,' says Mrs Jiang, founder of Zhaimom, an online hub that offers consultancy services for new mothers.


Foreign male reporter, confinement in Chinag

1. Gruelling: MailOnline man Jamie Fullerton (pictured) is strapped on two fake silica gel breasts as he feeds to baby dolls on the bed in China's bizarre 'Mr Mommy' experience.



2. Childbirth: Clamps are also attached to the men's stomachs (pictured) to 'help them understand' the excruciating pain of childbirth.



3. The course organisers made it very clear to Jamie (pictured) that it is not designed to be fun, but to help men experience some of the very serious conditions associated with childbirth, which men often misunderstand in China.



4. Nappy change: The fake, plastic babies were smothered with a mixture of soy sauce and flour to simulate the mess made by real ones.

换尿布:蒋小姐还在塑料玩偶身上涂抹了用酱油和面粉混合而成的特殊混合物,用以模拟婴儿便便的真实情况 。


5. Bedridden: Jamie (left) took the 24-hour course, but the full one requires men to stay indoors for ten whole days, in line with Chinese tradition.



6. Meal time: Jamie's reward for suffering the pain of the clamps was a bowl of brown Chinese-style porridge (pictured).



7. Treat: Jamie's 24-hour experience was designed to reflect a few days of motherhood, so he was allowed solid food for lunch – which in this case was pigs' trotters in watery soup.



8. Last supper: For dinner, at around 7.30pm, Jamie tucked into red bean soup before a sleepless night of screaming babies.



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