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Why Xiaomi is not a threat to iPhone?

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Though not a household name in the United States, there's still a good chance you've heard of Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company that designs and manufactures smartphones, tablets, HDTVs, and an wide assortment of other consumer products.



Since releasing its first smartphone in 2011, Xiaomi's popularity has increased substantially, in part because the company is generally shameless about copying hardware designs from other companies, and from Apple in particular. Over the past two years or so, there have been no shortage of examples where new Xiaomi products seem to be borderline carbon copies of existing Apple products; the company has even copied Apple event invitations.



That aside, the key aspect to Xiaomi's success is that the company operates on razor thin margins and offers compelling devices at much cheaper pricepoints than the competition. And so far, that strategy has been paying off handsomely.



According to the market research firm IHS Technology, Xiaomi's share of the Chinese smartphone market is already at 18%. Indeed, the emergence of Xiaomi is largely viewed as one of the reasons why Samsung's smartphone sales have been trending downward in recent years.

根据市场研究公司IHS Technology调查显示,小米在中国智能手机市场的份额已经达到18%。实际上,小米的横空出世被视为是造成三星智能手机销售出现疲软的原因之一。


"Selling full-featured phones at near cost, it has come to battle Apple and Samsung Electronics Co. for the No. 1 spot in China," The Wall Street Journal wrote this past June. "It dented Samsung's China market share badly in 2014, one factor forcing the South Korean company to post a sharp profit drop and to rethink its strategy."



With that as the backdrop, a recent article in Fast Company posits that Xiaomi is Apple's biggest threat in China and will soon be the company's biggest threat everywhere else.

以此为背景,Fast Company近期发表文章称,小米现在成为了苹果在中国市场的最大威胁,并且很快还会在其他各个地方也成为其最大威胁。 


While certainly a compelling headline, the story itself conspicuously lacks any evidence that would bolster such a bold claim. If anything, the story highlights how the peculiarities of Xiaomi's success in China may be difficult, if not impossible, to emulate elsewhere.



Xiaomi has begun experimenting in markets outside China., such as U.S. and Europe, What's more, Xiaomi has conveniently avoided smartphone and tablet sales in the U.S. because it's all but a given that Apple would aggressively take Xiaomi to court for patent infringement.

Fast Company称,渐渐地,小米开始尝试在中国以外的市场试水,如美国和欧洲。不过,它特别避开在美销售智能手机和平板电脑,因为很有可能会被苹果告上法庭。


A more promising battleground for Xiaomi could be India, Apple isn't exactly the top dog in India when it comes to smartphone sales. Which is to say, Xiaomi making inroads in India, on the low end of the market no less, won't realistically do much to Apple's iPhone sales in the country.



Looking ahead, it's no secret that Xiaomi has ambitions that extend far beyond mainland China. But that's not to say that Apple has anything to truly fear from Xiaomi. After all, threat Apple faces from Xiaomi is no different than the threats its seen before from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Palm, Motorola and others.



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