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High-end brands eye on growing potential in China’s organic cosmetics market

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Research and consulting company Organic Monitor predicted organic cosmetic product sales will pass the US$1 billion mark by 2017 in the economically prosperous pan-Asian market.

根据市场研究机构Organic Monitor预测,到2017年泛亚洲市场的有机化妆品销售额将突破10亿美元的大关。

According to Organic Monitor's recent report, prepared exclusively for in-cosmetics Asia 2015, most Asian-American consumers are not fully aware of differences between natural and conventional cosmetics; in addition, natural products are not generally available in most retailers selling cosmetics and toiletries. But with the size of China's organic foods market—already ranked fourth in the world—plus natural and organic cosmetic sales expanding at double digit rates in Asia, it's clear the Asian region will continue to shift its preferences toward natural/organic products.

根据Organic Monitor近期在2015亚洲化妆品原料展上发布的研究显示,绝大多数的美籍亚裔不了解天然化妆品和合成化妆品之间的区别。此外大部分化妆品和盥洗用品零售商一般不出售天然化妆品。而随着中国有机食品市场规模位居世界第四,再加上亚洲天然化妆品销售额以两位数的速度增长,因此明显亚洲地区的消费者仍将继续偏爱天然/有机产品。

"The major driver of market growth in the Asian/global market is growing consumer awareness of synthetic chemicals in cosmetics and toiletries," Organic Monitor reported in a statement to INSIDER.  "As they become aware of the potential harmful effect of parabens, phthalates, etc., consumers are switching to natural and organic products. In Asia, some consumers are buying natural and organic cosmetics as they are considered to be premium/prestigious products. This is partly because such products are from Western countries and produced to higher standards than local/Asian products."

促进亚洲/全球有机市场增长的主要原因在于,消费者逐渐意识到化妆品和盥洗用品含有人工合成化学物质," Organic Monitor称,"当他们开始意识到苯甲酸酯、邻苯二甲酸盐等物质的潜在危害时,消费者于是转而使用天然和有机产品。在亚洲,消费者购买天然和有机化妆品,因为他们认为这些产品属于高级/名牌产品。这有一部分原因是这些产品来自西方国家,生产标准高于比当地/亚洲的产品。"

Concept stores make up a major channel for natural and organic cosmetics, Organic Monitor also stated, and many U.S. and Asian brands are opening stand-alone stores or salons for their brands. Aveda is currently the frontrunner, operating concept salons all across Asia, but an increasing number of Asian brands have also invested in concept stores to raise visibility and awareness of their products.

Organic Monitor表示,概念店是购买天然和有机化妆品的主要渠道,许多美国和亚洲品牌开设品牌独立店或者沙龙。 Aveda目前是个中翘楚,在亚洲各地都有运营概念沙龙。不过越来越多的亚洲品牌也投资开设概念店,以提高消费者对产品的认识和品牌知名度。

"In spite of many green brands boycotting the Chinese market, the natural cosmetic market remains the most prominent in Asia," Organic Monitor added. "High-end brands are coming into the Chinese market, attracted to the rising purchasing power of its consumers." The company also reported that Japan has the second largest market for natural and organic cosmetics in Asia.

"尽管许多绿色品牌联合抵制中国市场,但是中国的天然化妆品市场仍然是亚洲最主要的市场," Organic Monitor表示,"受当地逐渐增强的购买力的吸引,高端品牌正进入中国市场。"该公司也指出日本是亚洲第二大天然和有机化妆品市场。


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