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Could Chinese educational mode be adapted to British students?

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From The Telegraph:

Britain's generous welfare system is behind pupils' lack of ambition and ill-discipline, a group of Chinese teachers has said after spending four weeks in a comprehensive school in Hampshire.



The five teachers, who are part of a TV series in which they take over the education of a class of 50 teenagers, have said British pupils unruly behaviour is directly linked to welfare handouts that has produced adolescents with rude behaviour.



Wei Zhao, who teaches Mandarin said cuts in the welfare system will mean students will be more motivated to learn.



She said: "Even if they don't work, they can get money, they don't worry about it.



"But in China they can't get these things so they know, 'I need to study hard, I need to work hard to get money to support my family'.



"If the British Government really cut benefits down to force people to go to work they might see things in a different way."



Another teacher Li said: "When I handed out the homework sheets, I expected everybody to be concentrated on the homework. "But when I walked in the classroom some students were chatting, some students were eating, somebody was even putting make-up on her face. I had to control myself, or I would be crazy.



"About half of them tried their best to follow me. And the other half? Who knows what they were doing?"



Yang Jun, a science teacher said: "In China we don't need classroom management skills because everyone is disciplined by nature, by families, by society. Whereas here that is the most challenging part of teaching."



She was also confused by a teenage girl who left the classroom in tears after reading reports that singer Zayn Malik had quit the boy band One Direction.



She also challenged an individualised approach to pupil learning.



She said: "You have different syllabuses to suit different students' ability. We don't. We have one syllabus, one standard; you survive or you die. It's up to you."



From Daily Mail: 

Rude, bone idle… and cosseted by the welfare state! Chinese teachers' damning verdict on British children after spending a month in UK classrooms.



A trailer for the programme shows a teacher shouting 'listen to me', 'just use your brain' and 'no talking, no questions' at bewildered looking British children.



But the Chinese methods did not appear to impress the Bohunt head teacher, Neil Strowger. He described the teaching techniques as 'mind-numbingly boring' and said usual standards of discipline at his school were not as loose as the Chinese teachers described.



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