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KFC & Pizza Hut to cooperate with AliPay for easier payment


According to the official announcement from AliPay, they have successfully connected with the KFC stores in Shanghai and Hangzhou. Customers from these two cities can pay their orders through AliPay inside the stores.



This is the first time that KFC launched its mobile payment since entering the Chinese market in 1987.



It won't be long before AliPay is supported in KFC stores across the whole country. When that time comes, AliPayKFC will further cooperate with the AliPay’s service platform and big data operation. AliPay will start a series of sales promotions after connecting with KFC, aiming to motivate its customers to make the payment by AliPay offline. In addition, apart from cooperating with AliPay, KFC’s express delivery and application are also connected with WeChat Payment.



Pizza Hut will also join AliPay on July 6, and customers can pay for their meals through scanning a bar code, covering all the stores in China.



Pizza Hut is also launching three payment methods on its official website.: AliPay, WeChat and bank cards



AliPay has become the most powerful weapon for Alibaba to attack online and offline businesses. According to some statistics AliPay is now supported in over 70 different supermarkets and convenient store chains in China, with over 40 thousand stores. Brands like Carrefour, Auchan, Wu-Mart, Watsons and China Resources have already started cooperating with AliPay.



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